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Q No. 32

The upcoming presidential election in the West African republic of Ganelon is of grave concern to the U.S. State Department. Ganelon presently has strong political and military ties to the United States. However, the Socialist party is widely expected to win the election, leading to fears that Ganelon will soon break away from the pro-American bloc and adopt a nonaligned or openly anti-American stance.

Which of the following is an assumption made in the passage above?

(A) A Socialist party government in Ganelon is more likely to oppose the United States than is a non-Socialist party government.

(B) The people of the United States recognize their nation’s interest in the political stability of West Africa.

(C) A weakening of U.S. political ties with Ganelon could have serious consequences for U.S. relations with other African nations.

(D) The Socialist party leaders in Ganelon believe that their nation’s interests would best be served by an alliance with anti-American forces.

(E) The Socialist party will win the upcoming election in Ganelon.

Official Answer:A

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