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Q No.1

Mr. Janeck: I don’t believe Stevenson will win the election for governor. Few voters are willing to elect a businessman with no political experience to such a responsible public office.

Ms. Siuzdak: You’re wrong. The experience of running a major corporation is a valuable preparation for the task of running a state government.

M. Siuzdak’s response shows that she has interpreted Mr. Janeck’s remark to imply which of the following?

(A) Mr. Janeck considers Stevenson unqualified for the office of governor.

(B) No candidate without political experience has ever been elected governor of a state.

(C) Mr. Janeck believes that political leadership and business leadership are closely analogous.

(D) A career spent in the pursuit of profit can be an impediment to one’s ability to run a state government fairly.

(E) Voters generally overestimate the value of political experience when selecting a candidate.

Official Answer A

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