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Q No.16

Which of the following best completes the passage below?

the most serious flaw in television’s coverage of election campaigns is its tendency to focus on the horse-race side of politics—that is, to concentrate on the question “Who’s winning?” at the expense of substantive coverage of the issues and the candidates’ positions on them. The endless interviews with campaign managers, discussions of campaign strategies, and, especially, the obsession with opinion polls have surrounded elections with the atmosphere of a football game or a prizefight. To reform this situation, a first step might well be______

(A) a shortening of the length of election campaigns to a period of six weeks

(B) a stringent limit on campaign spending

(C) a reduction in the television coverage of opinion polls during election campaigns

(D) the publication and distribution of voter-education literature to inform the public about each candidate’s position on the major issues

(E) a limit on the length and number of political advertisements broadcast on television

Official Answer C

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