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Q no.40

Which of the following best completes the passage below?

In today’s pluralistic society, textbook publishers find themselves in an increasingly uncomfortable position. Since the schools are regarded as a repository of society’s moral and cultural values, each group within society wishes to prevent any material that offends its own values from appearing in textbooks. As a result, stance on an issue is certain to run afoul of one group or another. And since textbook publishers must rely on community goodwill to sell their books, it is inevitable that______

(A) fewer and fewer publishers will be willing to enter the financially uncertain textbook industry

(B) the ethical and moral content of textbooks will become increasingly neutral and bland

(C) more and more pressure groups will arise that seek to influence the content of textbooks

(D) the government will be forced to intervene in the increasingly rancorous debate over the content of textbooks

(E) school boards, teachers, and principals will find it nearly impossible to choose among the variety of textbooks being offered

Official Answer: B

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