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Q no.43

Psychologists conducted a series of experiments to test the effect upon schoolchildren of violence in films. In the first experiment, grammar school children were shown a film that included scenes of a male teenager engaging in violent acts against others, such as punching, pushing, and kicking. During a free-play session following the film viewing, 42 percent of the children were observed to engage in one or more violent acts similar to those in the film. In a second experiment, a different group of children was shown a similar film featuring a female teenager. Only 14 percent of the children were observed behaving violently afterward. The psychologists concluded that children are more likely to imitate violent behavior on film when a male model is shown than when a female model is shown.

Which of the following, if true, would most seriously weaken the psychologists’ conclusion?

(A) In both experiments, the victims of the filmed violence included both males and females.

(B) In the second experiment, 28 percent of the children appeared upset during the viewing the violent film scenes.

(C) The first group included 19 male students and 20 female students; the second group included 20 male students and 21 female students.

(D) In the first group, 58 percent of the children appeared bored during the showing of the film, and 12 percent fell asleep.

(E) The percentage of children known to have discipline problems prior to the experiment was greater in the first group than in the second group.

Official Answer: E

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