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Q no.46

In 1980, a Danish ten-øre coin minted in 1747 was sold at auction for $8,000. Eleanor Bixby owns another Danish ten-øre coin minted in 1747. When she puts it on the market next week, it will fetch a price over $18,000.

Which of the following, if true, would most weaken the conclusion drawn above?

(A) Since 1980, the average price for rare coins has increased by over 150 percent.

(B) There are only four coins like the one in question in the entire world.

(C) Since 1980, the consumer price index has risen by over 150 percent.

(D) In 1986, a previously unknown cache of one hundred coins just like the one in question was found.

(E) Thirty prominent, wealthy coin collectors are expected to bid for Bixby’s coin.

Official Answer: D

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