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Q no.48

Which of the following best completes the passage below?

A primary factor in perpetuating the low salaries of women workers has been their segregation in the so-called pink-collar occupations, such as nursing, teaching, library science, and secretarial work. Partly because these jobs have traditionally been held by women, their salary levels have been depressed, and, despite increased attempts to unionize these workers in recent years, their pay continues to lag. Moreover, although a large percentage of women than ever before are now entering and remaining in the job market, most continue to gravitate toward the pink-collar fields, despite the lower salaries. It seems clear, therefore, that if the average salaries of women workers are to approach those of men, ______

(A) labor unions must redouble their efforts to improve the lot of working women

(B) society’s perception of pink-collar jobs as less important and less demanding than other jobs must be changed

(C) more men must be encouraged to enter fields traditionally occupied by women

(D) the number of jobs in the pink-collar fields relative to the size of the work force as a whole must be markedly increased

(E) more women must enter occupations other than those traditionally reserved for them

Official Answer: E

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