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Q no.59

Manufacturers of household appliances are still urging the public to purchase food processors. The various manufacturers’ advertisements all point out that the prices of these appliances are now lower than ever and that each food processor comes with a lifetime service warranty. In addition, many manufacturers offer sizable rebates to customers who purchase food processors within a given time period. With these incentives, the advertisements contend, people can hardly afford not to purchase food processors.

Which answer choice is a logically prior issue that the manufacturers’ advertisements fail to address?

(A) Whether the cost of repairs to the food processors over the years will cancel out the savings currently being offered

(B) Whether potential customers have enough uses for food processors to justify purchasing them

(C) Whether the heads of the companies manufacturing food processors own food processors themselves

(D) Whether the food processors currently being advertised will be outdated within the next five years

(E) Whether accessories and replacement parts will be readily available at retail outlets

Official Answer: B

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