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Q no.62

Freud’s theories of the workings of the mind, while brilliant for their day, were formulated before most of this century’s great advances in neurophysiology and biochemistry. Today, we have a far deeper understanding of the biological components of thought, emotion, and behavior than was dreamed of eighty years ago. It would be foolish to continue parroting Freud’s psychological theories as if these advances had never occurred.

It can be inferred from the passage above that the author would be most likely to favor

(A) the abandonment of most of Freud’s theories

(B) a greater reliance on biological rather than psychological explanations of behavior

(C) a critical reexamination of Freud’s place in the history of psychology

(D) a reexamination of Freud’s theories in the light of contemporary biology

(E) increased financial support for studies in neurophysiology and biochemistry

Official Answer : D

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