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Q No.9

Studies of fatal automobile accidents reveal that, in the majority of cases in which one occupant of an automobile is killed while another survives, it is the passenger, not the driver, who is killed. It is ironic that the innocent passenger should suffer for the driver’s carelessness, while the driver often suffers only minor injuries or none at all.

Which of the following is an assumption underlying the reasoning in the passage above?

(A) In most fatal automobile accidents, the driver of a car in which an occupant is killed is at fault.

(B) Drivers of automobiles are rarely killed in auto accidents.

(C) Most deaths in fatal automobile accidents are suffered by occupants of cars rather than by pedestrians.

(D) Auto safety experts should increase their efforts to provide protection for those in the passenger seats of automobiles.

(E) Automobile passengers sometimes play a contributing role in causing auto accidents.

Official Answer A

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