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Q No.'s 10, 11,12

Questions 10-11 are based on the following

As one who has always believed that truth is our nation’s surest weapon in the propaganda war against our foes, I am distressed by reports of “disinformation” campaigns by American intelligence agents in Western Europe. In a disinformation campaign, untruths are disseminated through gullible local journalists in order to damage the interests of our enemies and protect our own. Those who defend this practice say that lying is necessary to counter Soviet disinformation campaigns aimed at damaging America’s political interests. These apologists contend that one must fight fire with fire. I would point out to the apologists that the fire department finds water more effective.

10. The author of the passage above bases his conclusion on which of the following?

(A) A circular definition of “disinformation”

(B) An example of the ineffectiveness of lying as a weapon in the propaganda war

(C) An analogy between truth and water

(D) An appeal to the authority of the fire department

(E) An attack on the character of American intelligence agents in Western Europe

Official Answer C

11. The author’s main point is that

(A) although disinformation campaigns may be effective, they are unacceptable on ethical grounds

(B) America’s moral standing in the world depends on its adherence to the truth

(C) the temporary political gains produced by disinformation campaigns generally give way to long-term losses

(D) Soviet disinformation campaigns have done little to damage America’s standing in Europe

(E) disinformation campaigns do not effectively serve the political interests of the United States

Official Answer E

12. Are you still reading the other newspaper in town? Did you know that the Daily Bugle is owned by an out-of-town business syndicate that couldn’t care less about the people of Gotham City? Read the Daily Clarion, the only real voice of the people of Gotham City!

Which of the following most directly refutes the argument raised in the advertisement above?

(A) Over half of the advertising revenues of the Daily Clarion come from firms whose headquarters are located outside of Gotham City.

(B) The Daily Clarion usually devotes more of its pages to out-of-town news than does the Daily Bugle.

(C) Nearly 40 percent of the readers of the Daily Clarion reside outside the limits of Gotham City.

(D) The editor-in-chief and all the other members of the editorial staff of the Daily Bugle have lived and worked in Gotham City for ten years or more.

(E) The Daily Bugle has been published in Gotham City for a longer time than has the Daily Clarion.

Official Answer D

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